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Import Shipment Pre-orders
I have approximately 1800 jigsaw puzzles arriving from Europe in mid-July (most likely 11th July) and I have set up an import order sub-category in the Jigsaw Puzzles category.  The products will become available for purchase from Tuesday 1st June, thus giving my website customers 3 weeks to get their orders in before I start adding the available products onto Ebay.

Please note that all pre-orders should be ordered seperately to any products that you wish to order that are already in stock, unless you are happy to wait for the stock items to be sent once the import shipment arrives.

All pre-orders are final and must be paid in full before that stock is allocated to you. If you place an order and then later on, you wish to order more, simply email me at so I am aware to combine your orders so that you only pay the one combined postage cost.

If customers change their mind on their orders, a 20% restocking fee will apply, this is to avoid customers booking in stock, changing their mind, and in turn, other customers missing out on any puzzles that they could otherwise have ordered.  I feel that this is only fair to all my customers.
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The ARB Games Facebook page will be used to provide updates on new products, stock updates and any other important information, including dates when I will be away from the office.

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